Cusco, Peru Wheelchair Sports Teams

Peruvian Wheelchair Athletes Need Your Financial Support:

April 6, 2012: Peruvian wheelchair basketball players need your financial support to purchase 24 bus tickets at $250 each for travel to trials for the Paralympics. Raised to date: $250 I send my donations through Western Union located at most Walmart and Kroger stores. This insures me that 100 per cent of my donation goes directly to the athletes. Contact me for their address and phone number needed by Western Union.
For more information:
In Cusco: Cusco Coraje: Contact Gladys Jimenez illari2 at
In Cusco:Parasports Club Pablo Zavala in Cusco Contact: Ciro Quendo cirooquendo at
In USA: Contact: Sharon Myers
The Peruian contacts only speak Peruvian Spanish but have friends who will translate into English.
Thank you for your support and consideration.


Letter received from Ciro:
Dear and missed Sharon:

Please receive a warm hello from al the kids at the Parasports Club Pablo Zavala in Cusco.
A far as the call for the games in Brazil, the national teams both for men and women has no yet been chosen. The team is chosen from the players of the different clubs that participate in the national basketball competition that will take place in the month of June in Puno for the men’s teams and in July in Piura for the women’s teams. In the month of July we will know the names of the people that have been selected to be part of both teams and who will attend the games in Brazil. The national teams are composed of players from different clubs. Last year four of the girls and two of the boys from our club were selected as part of the Peruvian team and participated in the Para Pan-American Games in Guadalajara Mexico.
Our call for support is for us to participate in the different wheelchair basketball championships that take place in our country that are the following:
April 20, 21 and 22: men and women’s Wheelchair Basketball Championship for all teams from the south of Peru. This will take place in the city of Arequipa and we need bus tickets for 20 people. Cost 1,000.00 soles (2.66 soles per US Dollar)
Men’s National Wheelchair Basketball Championship in Puno
Bus tickets for 12 people: 600.00 soles
Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Championship in Piura
Bus tickets for 12 people: 4,800.00 soles
All together we need 6,400.00 soles only for tickets which is about $2,286.00 US Dollars
At this time we have US $250.00 so we need about $2,000.00 US Dollars. This is the money we need to attend the games we have to attend in order for some of our players to be included in the National Peru Team. This is the reason we have contacted you dear friend Sharon, to see what are the chances that you can help and support us. Any help will be more than welcome and we thank you beforehand.
The nearest championship is in April in Arequipa and we need bus tickets to get there.
Your friends forever,
Vida and Ciro
PS We gave Pastor Gary from the Church of Christ a letter for you in Spanish for him to translate and send. We would like to know if you have received it. Thank you.


After Sharon’s experiences in the 1973 Pan American Games in Lima, she promised herself that she would “give back” for the opportunities she herself received. Twenty-five years later in 1998, she met Pepe Lopez owner of Apumayo Expediciones who invited her back to Peru to assist him in developing a tour for people with disabilities particularly those who used wheelchairs. And so began a journey that would rekindle her relationship with Peru. Upon Sharon’s arrival to Cusco, she was presented with a bouquet of flowers by a young man who had long strong arms from pushing an old-fashioned wheelchair. A retired basketball player/coach, Sharon quickly saw the potential in this young man. In the excitement of the celebration of Peruvian dancers and musicians, the man disappeared before she knew his name. It would take a few months before Pepe could locate him. Sharon’s long time basketball friend, Donnie Langford donated the first basketball sports chair. At a presentation before Peruvian news media, the young man wept at the sight of the purple chair presented to him. On her fourth trip to Peru, Sharon would meet Ruben Dario Benavente, who brought along four friends. With the Andean Mountains overlooking an outdoor court in the Municipal Stadium, Sharon conducted an impromptu basketball clinic, with the help of Pepe for translation. Despite reminders by Pepe of the high altitude, Sharon, of course threw herself into the moment to make the first three baskets herself. With this ‘starting five’, Sharon asked them to form an organization. With Mayor Miranda’s wife, Ivonne, present they officially formed their organization. Sharon christened them, Cusco Courage or Cusco Coraje in Spanish as testimony for their daily courageous struggle for a better life. Cusco Coraje which began with 5 members has grown to over 100 members.


Monetary Donations:

To build the “House of Cusco Coraje” a multi-purpose building which will enable disabled Peruvians to work during the day and enjoy sports activities at night and on weekends. It will also enable Cusco Coraje to meet the criteria required by the government to qualify for food distribution from the government. Land has been donated to the organization.

Wheelchairs: Children and Adult, everyday chairs, sports chairs, racing chairs, shower chairs.

Wheelchair Parts: Wheels, tires, tubes, spokes, brakes, upholstery Crutches: Any kind, crutch tips varied sizes Canes: Any style Basketballs—Adult and Children Basketball Jerseys/ Uniforms Referee Whistles Sports Training Materials in Spanish Vitamins Calcium-Adult Travel Expenses-Monetary Tennis Rackets and balls-Shotputs, discus, javelins Field Event Implements

Cusco Coraje is an organization in need of donations. Gladis-and-Sharon-presentinSharon presenting Gladis Jimenez the first brick for Cusco Coraje’s building. NEWS FLASH—Gladis traveled day and night by bus over bumpy roads to Huancayo winning first place in a 21 K a marathon! And, Ruth will be traveling to Argentina soon to compete in a marathon! Go—Cusco Coraje!!! RECENT DONATIONS— Bill Greene, of New Life, Inc. donated twenty two children’s racing chairs. The challenge of transporting them to Peru from Washington DC was met by Joni and Friends, a California-based not-for-profit Christian organization.Their project, Wheels for the World, collects wheelchairs and sends them to nine separate correctional facilities in the U.S. where trained inmates meticulously restore them for distribution around the world. Eleven children’s racing chairs and one more basketball chair were distributed to the Lima Polo Society and eleven to Cusco Coraje in October 2004, Sharon’s fifth trip back to Peru. Sharon’s husband, Billy, also a retired basketball player, donated his basketball chair to Cusco Valeroso. For more information on how 100% of your donation can go directly to the people in Peru, please contact:In the United States: Sharon Myers sharononaroll at In Lima, Peru: Lima Polio Society: Jose Isola In Cusco, Peru: Cusco Coraje: Gladis Jiménez

Click on the audio button PLAY Spread-the-Love.mp3–hear Jon sing his musical tribute to Cusco Courage
Jon Weems sings “Spread the Love
Music provided by Jon Weems.

Jonathan Weems is a talented musician and has played music most of his life. He learned how to play the guitar and piano in the sixth grade. In high school, he played the trumpet and baritone in the symphonic band. Later on, Jon, as he prefers to be called, started writing music. Though Jon became a C6 quadriplegic in July of 1972 in a diving accident and lost the full use of his hands and fingers, that didn’t stop him from continuing his passion for music. Jon explains how he plays music now like this:
“Now I know you’re wondering how I play music without the use of my fingers. Well, I have typing sticks that fit over each hand that I use to play my keyboard. They work well, but allow me to play only one note at a time. So if you are familiar with sequencers, you know that you can play a one note melody for however many measures and then go back and continue to add on to that part with rhythm parts, counter melodies, etc. That would be one sequence. My keyboard sequencer allows for up to 80 sequences which all fit together like a puzzle to make a song. This process takes a very long time for me but it’s a good feeling to listen to a song knowing I wrote, played, sang and recorded every note.”
Jon would prefer coming up with the basic idea for a song himself and then have the help from other musicians with the music. If you want to help Jon, you can contact him at: jonathanweems at Verizon dot net

I’m happy Jon is on our ONAROLL TEAM. Welcome, Jon!

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