Meet Sharon Moore Myers

Sharon Dawn Moore Myers lives an independent lifestyle on a small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with paraplegic husband, Billy and Border Collie, Molly B Maid.
“In 2013, Billy and I celebrate a combined 113 years living with paralysis!”

As a retired four-time Paralympian, four time-Pan-Americans, two-time Stoke Mandeville, England wheelchair athlete, I have competed in eighteen countries in my athlete career. After retiring from sports, I traveled to five continents with SATH promoting equal access in tourism for people with physical impairments.

Share with me my Peruvian adventures white water rafting down the Urubamba River, climbing Machu Picchu, and touring ancient Incan sites. Hold your breath as I ascend the steep bank from the muddy Tambopata River as the first paralyzed person to visit a lodge deep in the rain forest on the border of Bolivia. Enjoy safaris in the Middle East and South Africa. Ride along with me as I take you through India and Europe and introduce some incredible people I met along my journey.

Stroll with Billy and me through our self-maintained gardens and small wheelchair user friendly farm deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Meet Speck and Molly B Maid, our Border Collies who not only help us inside our home we built, but also in the garden and on our farm!

Watch Billy as he pushes snow and pulls garden wagons with his scooter. Relax inside our Secret Forest which evolved after planting Christmas trees some thirty five years ago. Today, the Secret Forest is the inspiration for a series of children’s books about real people and real life stories. Cruise along with us in our hand-control operated antique Ford cars and in my very first car–a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda!”

You are invited to join the On A Roll Team and share your experiences and comments which may be posted on this site.

***All Photography and video by Sharon unless otherwise stated.

To know Sharon is to know that she has three major passions (besides her husband Billy): sports, gardening, and travel. Visit each page to find out what Sharon is doing in those areas.

Featured in: WE Magazine, Ebony, Sports & Spokes, Paraplegia News, Open World-SATH, Barrier Free Travel-Candy Harrington, Wheelchair Champions-Harriet Savitz, Paco’s Gift-Sharon Moore Myers.

Sharon Dawn Moore Myers
Troutville, Virginia USA 24175-6420


Pulaski High School-Class of 1966
Business School-W.W.R.C. Business School-Class of 1967-Senior Legal Stenographer
Virginia Western College-Classes in computer technology-1999
Quadriplegic-Poliomyelitis 1950-Age 3
Lives independent lifestyle on a small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with paraplegic husband, Billy


Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center-Recreation Department-1967-68
Virginia Easter Seal Society-1970-73-Director-Information, Referral & Follow-Up
Fore Organization-1973-76-Director-Job Development and Placement and Follow-Up Counseling-Clients with Disabilities
Adventure Travel-1996-1999-Specialty Travel
Turtle Tours-1996-2008-Accessible Destination Developer


Mid-Atlantic Wheelchair Athletic Association
National Wheelchair Athletic Association
National Wheelchair Basketball Association
National Rifle Association-Sharpshooter
National Hook-Up-Indoor Sports
Member-Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities-Chair of varied committees
Member-President’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities
Citation for Meritorious Service -President’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped
Special Education Committee-Botetourt County School Board
Consortium Member-Virginia Assistive Technology Systems
Member-Virginia Parks and Recreation Society
STAND-Board Member-(Stop the Abuse and Neglect of the Disabled)
Roanoke Valley Writers
Co-Founder-Blue Ridge Pens
Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs-LaBellevue Garden Club
Royal Horticulture Society


World Bank Congress in Washington, D. C.

Sharon attended a World Bank Conference and chatted with Ted Kennedy.

  • Co-Founder-Virginia Wheelchair Games
  • Founder-Virginia Big Wheels Sports Team
  • Founder-Jefferson Jets-Women’s Basketball Team-Final Four-Kansas City-1992
  • Founder- Star City Saints Basketball Team-played and coached men-25yrs.
  • Founder-Star City Wheelchair Athletic Association, Inc.-President-501-C-nonprofit
  • Founder-Bowling League for Children & Adults with Disabilities
  • Founder-Cusco Coraje- (Cusco Courage)-Sports Team in Cusco, Peru-started with five-now 150 members
  • Peruvian Law similar to our ADA-contributed information translated into Spanish by Jose Isola
  • Founder-Old Dominion Wheelchair Basketball Conference-President
  • Coach of the Year-Capitol Wheelchair Basketball Conference
  • Recruited and coached many in wheelchair sports
  • Advisor and Honorary Member of the Peruvian Polio Society
  • Miss Wheelchair Virginia-1976
  • Miss Wheelchair Virginia, Inc. Board Member and Judge
  • President-Miss Wheelchair Virginia, Inc. Head Judge Miss America
  • White House Conference for the International Year of the Disabled Regional Representative
  • Capitol Wheelchair Basketball Conference-Vice President
  • Co-founder-Blue Ridge Center for Independent Living-Board Member
  • Award for Continuous Service to People with Disabilities-Presented by Sen. John Edwards
  • Roanoke Regional Airport Commission-Board Member
  • Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities
  • Award for Services for People with Disabilities-Roanoke Regional Airport Commission
  • Nationally Accredited Master Flower Show Judge
  • Blue Ridge District Council of Flower Show Judges-Past President, Treasurer
  • Blue Ridge Council of Garden Clubs-District Treasurer, chairperson of numerous committees
  • LaBellevue Garden Club-Past President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Numerous blue ribbons and top awards in Nationally Accredited Standard Flower Shows
  • Presents Programs in design and horticulture for garden clubs throughout Virginia
  • Beauty Sport of the Month Award-Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs-outstanding garden
  • Chair-Virginia Committee on Medicare and Medicaid
  • Chair-Governor’s Committee on Physical Fitness
  • Pilot Club of Roanoke-Past President
  • Professional Handicapped Woman of the Year-Pilot Club International
  • Virginia District of the Pilot Club-chaired numerous committees on the district level
  • Who’s Who In America
  • Speaker-State-National-International Panels-“TOURISM FOR ALL”
  • Chair-Adaptive Equipment-SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and
  • Chair-Sports & Adventure Travel-SATH
  • SATH-Director, Disability Affairs
  • Inventor-Adaptive Equipment-to make travel safer and possible
  • Conducts Site Inspections for Accessibility
  • Worked in accessible destination development in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean — Reached the top of Machu Picchu on my 51st birthday, white water rafted down the Urubamba River, first paralyzed person to visit The Posadas Amazonas Lodge, located in the Madre de Dios district on the border of Bolivia-rainforest-adapted an emergency evacuation stretcher called a LifeSlider—to get up the steep bank from the Tambopata River –Developed safaris in Dubai and South Africa.
  • Speaker-International and National Conferences on Travel for People with Disabilities
  • Writer-National and International Magazine articles
  • Founder-Access To Medicine Group for People With Disabilities-local group representing many types of disabilities-advisors to hospitals
  • Speaker- local schools-educating children about disabilities
  • Speaker-civic organizations
  • Speaker-college students-enrolled in physical and occupational therapy
  • Counseling-newly injured patients in hospital and rehabilitation centers
  • Conducts in-service training for city employees-disability etiquette
  • Founder- Roanoke Polio Support Group
  • Video Programs for churches, garden clubs, conferences
  • Featured in Wheelchair Champions and Barrier-Free Travel


Founding Member-Roanoke Advent Community Church,Deaconess
Chair-Flower Guild
Member-Interior and Exterior Building Committee


Sports’N’Spokes Magazine
Paraplegic News
WE Magazine
Ebony Magazine
National Geographic Traveler Magazine
Local, National and International Newspapers
National Rifleman Magazine
YES Magazine-London, England
Emerging Horizons
Tourist Publications
Reacao Magazine
BienVenida Tourist Magazine
PM Magazine-Feature Story TV
Panorama Live TV Show
The Artie Levin Show
Radio Commercial for Bank One
Senior News
SATH-World Congress Film Documentary
TV Interviews-local, state, national and international news
Blue Ridge Family Magazine-“Phenomenal Female”


Met with Prince Charles in England
Met with Princess Marguerite in Holland
Special audiences with Pope Paul and Pope John Paul in the Vatican
Met with the President of Peru in the President’s Palace
Met with Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family
Basketball exhibition with Dr. “J” and the “76ers” at Temple University
Wheelchair Sports Documentary with Barbara Mandrell, Tom T. Hall and Larry Gatlin in Nashville, Tennessee hosted by Governor Blanton
On the Road with Charles Kuralt
Meetings with State Governors, Senators, Congressmen including Ted Kennedy


National Records:                             Pan -American Records:
100-meter                                       dash 60-meter dash
Shot Put                                          Freestyle Swimming
Discus                                             Backstroke Swimming
Javelin                                             Shot Put
Backstroke                                      Discus
Freestyle                                         Javelin
Breaststroke                                   Archery
200-meter run                                 Slalom
400-meter run
Slalom                                            Paralympic Record: 3×25 meter relay team-swimming Holland
Table Tennis


Member-1968 U.S. Wheelchair Paralympic Team-Israel-1 Silver, 2 bronze medals
Member-1969 U.S. Wheelchair Pan-Am-Team-Argentina-3 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze
Member-1970 U.S. Wheelchair Team-England-5 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze
Member-1971 U. S. Wheelchair Pan-Am- Team-Jamaica-3 gold,3 silver, 3 bronze
Member-1972 U. S. Wheelchair Paralympic Team-Germany-3 bronze
Member-1973 U. S. Wheelchair Pan-Am-Team-Peru-7 gold medals
Member-1974 U. S. Wheelchair Team-England-5 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze
Member-1976 U. S. Wheelchair Paralympic Team-Canada-5 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze
Member-1977 U. S. Wheelchair Team-England-3 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze
Member-1978 U. S. Wheelchair Pan-Am-Team-Brazil-7 gold, 1 silver
Member-1980 U. S. Wheelchair Paralympic Team-Holland-5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze
Member-1981 U. S. Wheelchair Exhibition Team-Italy-3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze
1996-Volunteer in Basketball Venue for the Atlanta Paralympics

Special Awards:

1973-Award for Removal of Architectural Barriers in Providing Recreation for the Disabled by the Virginia Parks and Recreation Society
Captain-U.S. Women’s Basketball Team-1968, 1969, 1970
Captain-U. S. Paralympic Women’s Team-1972
Captain-U. S. Paralympic Swimming Team-1972
1980 Holland Paralympics-Raised the U. S. Flag at Opening Ceremonies
Jack Gearhart-Athlete of the Year-1973-(equivalent to the Heisman Trophy)
National Sportsmanship Award-Seattle-1974
Virginia Wheelchair Sports Hall of Fame
National Wheelchair Sports Hall of Fame Induction-University of Pennsylvania-1988- Plaque displayed at the Roosevelt Institute in Warm Springs, Georgia

Hobbies: Gardening, Painting, Flower Arranging, Photographing and Video Taping Nature, Bird Watching and training Molly B. Maid, her Border Collie

Currently writing her autobiography Color Me Blessed and three books for children,
Paco’s Gift-El ReGalo de Paco is now available through

13 Responses to Meet Sharon Moore Myers

  1. Becky Isom says:

    Sharon. You gave my cousin Rick your card to give to me at a conference in May, 2013. he gave it to his mom who just found it and called me. I will get the card tomorrow. Funny, I have kept up with your travels, sports endeavors, and successes off an on over the years. Even though we are distant cousins, I am surprised that you remember me.
    I am a special education teacher and still live in the Blue Ridge mts that I love with my husband and our two dog children. Not sure you will get this. But if you do, I want you to know I have always been proud that you never gave up. I have a friend with a grandchild who lost her hearing at agr 1 to meningitis. She is an achiever and just this past summer I told my friend about you. Her granddaughter has graduated from VT and works in something dealing with ecology and pollution in DC…loves science. She does not consider herself disabled and certainly never let not hearing hold her back. In fact most people would not know she is deaf.
    She is an inspiration to me just as you have been. The sky is the limit…

  2. David cardwell says:

    Spaghetti squash

  3. Robert says:

    When is color me blessed expected to be done? Is there any way you could put the chapter back up about Tony? Or email it to me?

  4. tra jean beicher says:

    Sharon, I went to school with you in Pulaski Va. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd grade you can to spend the night at my house. You were the only person to spend the night at my house. my name was Jean Edwards I would love to talk to you.

  5. Sharon Myers says:

    During this holiday season 2011, I have lost six long time friends. Sonny LaRue was one of them. I am so grateful that we connected a few weeks before his sudden death. His thoughts and comments I will always cherish along with the childhood memories he leaves behind. After receiving his post, I called and we had a wonderful conversation. His memories were vivid. We share so much not knowing the time was short for him. God rest his sweet soul.

  6. Sonny LaRue says:

    With a life long friend like Sharon , has been a real honor to to be called a friend. When I got out of the Marines I was told that Sharon was doing all of these things with in sports. All I could say was how great for her to do these things that she couldn’t do as a child but wanted to. She would set on the play ground at Jefferson School and watching never making a face or complain over it.

    • Sharon Myers says:

      Sonny, What a joy it has been to reunite with you. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful childhood memories you have. It was also an honor for me to have a friend like you. Thank you for helping me be able to attend public schools which helped me to become a participating person in an able bodied world and achieve my dreams in spite of and because of living with paralysis. May our God continue to bless and keep you.

  7. Brenda D. Varley says:

    Have read and followed some of your comments to a mutual friend, and now have the joy to read and see just what ,as my grandson would say, an “Amazeable” people you all truly are. Thanks for all they things you have done in life to help and touch others.
    <3 lov N Christ,

  8. Eileen M Malloy says:

    WOW what an amazing person!

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