Mark-and-SharonMark Seibel shows off Paco illustrations. Mark was featured in the story.

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Paco’s Gift / El Regalo De Paco

Paco’s Gift  /  El Regalo De Paco
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Dear Sharon,

I have admired you since I first met you, but after reading your book, PACO’S GIFT, I am in awe! It is a beautifully written account of a very choice, spiritual experience. Thank you for sharing it.

I am grateful for the further insight into your life and your accomplishments, you and your husband’s independence, and what you have done for others. I can only imagine the untold numbers to whom you have given courage, hope, and been their inspiration, just by your example, alone.

I believe in gifts and angels. Your words on page eight of your book are so adequately written, that I can only add my “Amen”!

My sincere “Best Wishes” in all your endeavors.

Doloris Dutton

beth At the first book signing event, Betty Franklin congratulates Sharon presenting her with a bouquet of flowers!

Reading “Paco’s Gift” – “El Regalo de Paco” makes you feel good and warm. Reading it a second time inspires you to be a better person, one like author Sharon Myers.
Sandra Kelly, Prime Living Magazine

“Loved your book, in fact the day I got it I started reading it and couldn’t put it down till I finished it. I was so impressed, I didn’t know my little buddy was so talented!!! It was so inspiring and warmed my heart with such a special feeling. The illustrations were so cute of you!!! The one that stays with me is the one of you looking outside your window at the barn with the star on top…..brings back memories when we were there. Hope it’s a big success!!! Thanks for the copy, I will treasure it!”

Darlene Quinlan, Paralympian from Michigan


Long-time friend Barbara Brady holds grandson, Beau.

Son, Barry and daughter-in-law Stephanie ask for an autographed copy.


What an inspirational story you have created. I got it from Chris yesterday and read through it this morning. You bring up a lot to think about, thank you. – John

From Chuck McCorvey:

“Being one not of a strong religious nature, I look upon happenings in life with a decisive, sometimes harsh nature. Most everything that happens in my life is based upon my experiences and events involving so-called world peace.

When Sharon Myers asked me to read her literary work that she had entitled Paco’s Gift, I knew not what to expect. Sharon had told me a little about her trip’s to Peru and other parts of the world, knowing that I had traveled to and spent a lot of time in forty-five different countries, while pursuing my profession.

When I started reading Paco’s Gift, the warmth and conviction of Sharon’s heart-felt words entranced me. This is truly an inspirational product that I read with pleasure and felt tears welling in my eyes as I too received Paco’s Gift!”

Charles McCorvey, Sr., Author – The Eagle’s Journal- a techno-thriller


Paco’s Gift  /  El Regalo De Paco
Order the book by EMAIL click here>>

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  1. Barbara Brady says:

    The book exceeded my expectations. And opened my eyes to the reality that little is much when given without expecting any thing in return..what a blessing!

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