Paco’S Gift / El Regalo De Paco



Paco’s Gift  /  El Regalo De Paco
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Author, Sharon Myers.  Four-time Paralympian-Pan-American wheelchair athlete, Sharon continued traveling around the world promoting equal access for people with physical impairments. She and her husband Billy, also a paraplegic live independently on their small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.



Sharon at the Monasterio Hotel  in Cusco, Peru.

Sharon, a wheelchair globetrotter, shares a glimpse of her adventures into ancient, sacred sites of Peru.

Illustrator, Dell Siler. Dell is a professional artist/illustrator with over 35 years experience. A graduate of Radford University with a Masters Degree in Painting and Drawing, he has produced art work for private individuals, publishing companies, advertising agencies in the United States. Cartoon caricatures are among the pinnacles of his talent.


Dell painting Paco with paintbrush in his mouth.

LetterfromPopeJohn0PaulPaco’s Gift – El Regalo de Paco, for people of all ages, was blessed by Pope John

Paul II in a letter received by Sharon two days prior to his death.

“Sometimes life holds special gifts when you least expect them,” says Sharon Moore Myers about her first book, Paco’s Gift – El Regalo de Paco, written in both English and Spanish.

When Sharon met an unforgettable shoeshine boy in Cusco, Peru, she never imagined the spiritual gifts she would receive from this stirring magical encounter. This heartwarming true story, for people of all ages, is about the spiritual connection between a southern American woman, paralyzed at the age of three, and a simple act of kindness shown to her by a bedraggled shoeshine boy in the Andes Mountains.
The answer to provide for the people she had met in Peru came to her in a vision during a sleepless night in her Troutville, Virginia home. Sharon’s long dilemma of changing her buying habits at Christmas and giving to those in need rekindles the childlike wonder in the true spirit of Christmas.
The illustrations are painted with watercolors and pencils Sharon brought back from Peru to insure the colors were authentic for her long-time friend and professional illustrator Dell Siler. Because of a disability, Dell paints with a brush held between his teeth.


“Both of my brothers have Macular Degeneration. Jerry and Amon will be able to enjoy the audio book now available on my website.”

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