Color Me Blessed

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  1. Lea Louwerse says:

    Sharon God put you in my life and so many others. Garden club and I don’t even Garden so God knew where I needed to be to meet you. I always enjoy your company and learn so much from you.
    Let’s do lunch soon and I need to put something in the mail for you. Again you inspired me to do more stamping.
    Love you with all my heart.
    Blessing’s on you
    “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one” I do every single time I see you.

    • Sharon Myers says:

      Sweet Lea: Thank you for your kind words…they do mean so much to me. As I continue writing my autobiography, God continues to ‘speak’ to me. Now, I’m writing about it when it happens so others might hear His voice in a friend’s words and deeds, a song from a meadow lark or things that happen which cannot be coincidental. After a while, it becomes obvious! God bless you. xoxoxo

  2. Sharon Myers says:

    And I too enjoyed meeting you and sharing life stories. Please stay in touch. I realized when I looked at your post that my link to the Color Me Blessed excerpt wasn’t working! Thanks to you, it is now…so check it out. xoxoxo

  3. Kim Brammer says:

    Sharon I am still overjoyed about meeting you yesterday at Walmart again I want you to know you are doing GODS business even though it’s not in the four walls . Sharon you are a women of GOD that is not suppose to be blocked in so again I say keep on keeping on doing GOD’S work. Talk with you soon. May the LORD continue to shower you and your husband with many blessings……….

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