Speck was born in 2000 and became a central part of our lives. The gardening video was my first trial and error attempt to show off Speck’s remarkable talent and love for gardening. A month later, Speck left this life suddenly at eight years old but I cannot say without warning signs–God’s gift to us. It’s been two years and now with Molly B’s help, I’m healing from his loss and want to honor his courage, loyalty and uniqueness by developing an E-Book about his life. My hope is that Speck’s story will inspire and help those who have lost their pets heal too and remember the special times and how they enriched our lives.
More information can be seen on his page on my website: www.onaroll.org
I appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much, Sharon

11 Responses to Speck

  1. Peggie Webb says:

    Great video. You should post on YouTube to inspire people in wheel chairs. Both you and Spec k are a great example of how you should not limit your life because of a disability. Very motivating!

  2. Sharon H. says:

    What a lovely and rare dog Speck was! Thanks for sharing your video.

  3. Tammy Mills says:

    Your video is a lovely tribute to an awesome dog.

  4. Darlene McNeil says:

    I watched your video in awe of such an amazing dog. Spec was truly special and weren’t you blessed to have him in your life!

  5. Darlene says:

    Sharon and Billy,
    What a precious pooch Spec was I can see why he was the love of your life. What a great tribute to him, he will live in your hearts forever!

  6. Cindy Robertson Callahan says:

    That was soo sweet Sharon…. What a wonderful Dog he was!!!

  7. joann says:

    you did a really great job with the video! speck is an amazing dog..i wish i had a chance to meet him…

  8. SONYA FRAZIER says:

    Just LOVED it. He truly was a great dog.

  9. SONYA FRAZIER says:

    Sharon it was just beautiful.

  10. eslye says:

    I just love it all

  11. Sharon Myers says:

    How do you like the video?

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