Molly B Maid

Molly B Maid-Border Collie ABC 334850- Owner Billy & Sharon Myers
Markings: White Collar, nose, paws, blaze
Litter Size: 2 females and 3 males
Born August 13, 2008
Breeders Jim Thrasher
Mother: Boo ABC 205131-Owner Megan Thrasher-Breeder: Ann Ogle-Rambo
Father: SW Chester ABC 331016-Owner Chandler Smith–Breeder: Springwood Angus Farm

Molly’s Breeder Family

Molly B’s Mission

Healing Two Broken Hearts

Billy visited the Thrasher family after hearing from Speck’s breeder, Donna Dudley that the Thrasher’s had a new litter of puppies. When Billy visited, Molly went sound asleep on his lap. We know now that Molly B picked out Billy which may be best. When we went to get her at eight weeks old, Molly B ran straight to me. Peggy told Jim she was ten feet ahead of the rest of the pups to get to me. That day was one of the happiest of our lives.

Preparing a Safe Home for Molly B

Adams Family and Friends Welcome Molly B Maid

The Adams Family gave her a Puppy Shower–You can see some of the gifts in this slideshow.


4 Responses to Molly B Maid

  1. Cathy Seibel says:

    Molly is truly an amazing dog.

    • Sharon Myers says:

      I want you to know Molly B entertained us last night for over an hour with her new puppy friend you brought. She discovered it about 8 last night. She flipped, twirled, chewed, grawled playing with it. She brought it up on the bed for us to toss it which she really enjoyed. Exhausted, she fell asleep at the foot of Billy’s bed beside the puppy and, of course, the pink ball. Thanks so much for the gift and the gift of your visit.

  2. Cindy Robertson Callahan says:

    Too cute!!!! Molly B Maid!!

  3. Sharon says:

    hi joann

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