Welcome friends to ONAROLL, a site created to share my life experiences with you. If you are inspired to live life to the fullest by seeing, reading and listening to my stories, our mission for this site will have been fulfilled.

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Sharon’s Motto:

“Live life like you’re being chased!”

At the age of three, I was paralyzed with polio. During my childhood, multiple surgeries confined me to a hospital or bed in my home. At the age of seventeen, I underwent the first of two major spinal fusions and wore a hard body cast, from my chin to the bottom of my hips, for thirteen months. I overheard a doctor telling interns outside my hospital room, “She’ll be in unbearable pain within twenty years.” A timely wake-up call for a teenager–like a near-death experience. One that would define how I spent my precious time. I knew I had to make every day count.

A long-time friend visited a few years ago. “What have you two been doing lately?” Don asked Billy and I. Intently, he listened absorbing our response and replied, “Why do you live like you’re being chased?” Both of us burst out laughing!

In the quiet of that night, I thought about his question. In one short sentence Don had summed up how we’d lived our lives. What had chased us was knowing that becoming dependent on someone for our basic needs could have happened at any moment of our celebration of living with paralysis for a combined 108 years.

When each of the forty five pages on this site are overflowing with life experiences, I can relive and share a life that has been blessed and relish in knowing that each day was lived to the fullest. But before the inevitable catches up, I plan on moving forward rolling toward the finish line eager to succeed in accomplishing all the goals still on my bucket list.

Together, we’re on a roll!

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